This Amazing Dad Takes His Daughter Everywhere Dressed As A T-Rex

Dads have a reputation for being embarrassing in public. But imgur user DinoDad is fighting back against stereotypes – by taking his daughter everywhere in an inflatable T-rex costume.




DinoDad said he initially picked the costume up as a gag, but his daughter grew to love it. And started introducing him to people as ‘Dino Dad.’

Now, he keeps it in the car and puts it on whenever she wants – which is fairly often.


Unsurprisingly, the costume gets a lot of attention. “Kids [come] over and giggle with excitement as I eat their heads. Everyone loves being chased by it,” DinoDad related.

The response to his escapades both online and offline has even inspired DinoDad to start writing his own book about using technology responsibly from a young age, while maintaining physical learning.