The 12 Oldest People On Earth Share Their Secret To A Happy And (Very) Long Life

Many people are looking for a way to live as long as they possibly can.

The fear of death is one that haunts nearly every person. If you are looking to prolong your time here on this Earth, some advice has been handed to you.

These are the oldest living humans…and they have some secrets to share. Follow these steps as well as you can, even if some of them contradict each other, and it’ll probably add some years onto your life.

1. Avoid men.

Old life Jessie Gallan

At 109 years old, Jessie Gallan is Scotland’s oldest citizen. She credits avoiding men with her long life. She claims, “They are more trouble than they are worth.”


2. Don’t have kids.

Old Life Alexander Imich

American Alexander Imich was the oldest man in the world before he died in his New York home in June of 2014. He attributed his long life to the one thing that causes some of the most stress in an adult’s life, he never had kids.


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