Solutions To Overcome Poor Sexual Performance

A matter of perspective

Solving age-related sexual problems requires a change in perspective. There is a wide range of sexual performance levels for men and they can feel satisfied with their sexual experiences even in old age.

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Sex is not a question of function or dysfunction, or whether you can do it or not. No single definition for ‘normal’ or abnormal’ sexual function applies universally. Not to mention the number of misconceptions that exist, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction drugs.

Many people have the mistaken belief that after taking a drug like Viagra, they will spontaneously have an erection. For the drug to be effective, a couple needs to engage in foreplay and very often, direct stimulation to the penis is required.

Medical solutions

At present, the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction include taking drugs such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis under medical supervision. The most drastic treatment is a surgical procedure which involves inserting a penile implant.

Reduced libido caused by a lack of testosterone can be confirmed with a blood test and treated with testosterone supplements. The treatment can be given in an oral form or via a series of injections, with regular follow-ups to ensure that the patient’s testosterone is replaced adequately and safely.

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