Solutions To Overcome Poor Sexual Performance

Erectile dysfunction. Decreased sex drive. Urinary problems. These are some of the top conditions that middle age men suffer from and often silently.

Although these problems may be due to reasons such as financial or relationship stresses, andropause — a condition brought about by declining levels of the male hormone, testosterone — can also result in sexual problems with the advent of middle age.

It is not necessarily a mid-life crisis, but rather an actual physical decline of the body and for older couples, it is important to understand how ageing affects both partners and that they should accommodate each other’s limitations.

Sexual woes

Doctors interviewed agree that sex-related problems such as erectile dysfunction, impotence and reduced libido rank among the top concerns that middle-aged men seek treatment for.

erectile dysfunction

How one copes with ageing depends on one’s personality. As a man ages, one of the first things he notices is that he has poorer erections. But the sexual act is not the end in itself. One can still take time to enjoy romance and foreplay.

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