Natural Reliefs For Minor Burns

Minor burns can easily be treated at home with a number of old fashioned water,  food and plant remedies. First-degree burns cause redness, pain, and mild swelling. Second-degree extend below the skin and are characterized by blisters as well as redness and swelling. Third-degree burns show tissue damage. All burns require the immediate application of ice or cold water. All burns require medical help.

Cold Water

In ancient societies, people usually applied cold water to heal minor burns. The value of this treatment was rediscovered during World War II when burning seamen jumped into the sea during bombing raids and survived their burns. Today, doctor advise immediate applications of ice water for minor burns. 

Directions: Immerse injured part into ice water or apply clean icy cloths to the burn. Use the water or cloth for as long as tolerable. (Sometimes the intense cold goes to the head. If this happens, stop treatment for a few moments and continue as soon as possible.)  Repeat these short applications several times during each hour.  Do not place ice itself directly on the skin. It may damage cells by freezing them.

Aloe Vera

The aloe plant, originally came from East and South Africa. It is cultivated in tropical countries, but it also flourishes in countries bordering the Mediterranean. For centuries, the country wisdom in Valencia, Spain, was to apply aloe gel after first dousing a burn with cold water. Most of us can keep a small aloe plant as part of our windowsill medical arsenal. It’s a perfect aid for burn emergencies.

Directions:  Break off a leaf, slit it open, and dribble the aloe juice on the burn. Aloe juice heals the skin and prevents scarring.



During the centuries when the first pyramids were being built, Egyptians used and praised barley as a remedy for minor burns.

Directions: Mash together a handful of cooked barley, a handful of unsliced bread without the crust, and a small amount of making oil. Bandage the paste onto the burn.


 Perhaps we should not be surprised that raw potatoes were a favorite home remedy of the people of Ireland.

Directions: Peel, shred, or mince an uncooked white potato and place the pieces of potato on the burn. In thirty
minutes or so, the redness of the burn subsides.