Home Remedies To Relieve Urinary Tract Infection

Cystitis is an infection or  inflammation of the bladder. It is also known as urinary tract infection. Cystitis attacks usually start with burning and stinging when urinating. The urge to urinate becomes frequent. The urine can look cloudy or smoky.


Recent American and Israeli research confirms the ancient folk wisdom of using cranberries for bladder infections. Researchers have discovered that cranberries increase the acidity of the urine. and importantly, contain a factor that prevents E. coli bacteria from attaching to the bladder or urinary tract walls.

Directions: Purchase unsweetened and undiluted juice and drink at least one pint a day or buy capsules or tablets of concentrated cranberry. Four tablets or capsules are roughly the equivalent of sixteen ounces of cranberry juice. Holistic physicians often recommend the use of two tablets two times a day.


Ancient healers found barley invaluable for urinary problems. The Arab Berbers take water drained from well-boiled and compressed barley, then add honey and lemon juice and take it as a healing drink.

Directions: The French used the following simple remedy for barley water: wash three ounces of pearl barley in cold water, rinse in hot water, then strain. Simmer the barley in two quarts of water. Reduce by half to one quart. Strain and reserve the water to drink. Take a small cupful one hour before each meal and one hour before bedtime.


Several thousand years ago, Chinese physicians discovered they could reach internal organs indirectly by pressing acupuncture points on the skin.

Directions: To soothe the kidneys and bladder, lightly massage the bottom, outside edge of each foot along the line of the little toe. Two other acupuncture points are the middle of the tongue and the big toes. Gently press the middle of the tongue with the teeth or a tablespoon, then massage the big toe on each foot.


When research teams study the subject of longevity, they often search for clues in the lifestyle of the vigorous, long-lived Caucasian mountain people and of the nomads of Asian Russia. Investigation shows a key factor in their long lives is their use of yogurt that includes a Lactobacillus acidophilus culture. Acidophilus keeps the normal digestive flora active and intact and provides active resistance to innumerable bacterial invasions. The nomads and mountain people have two simple ways to control bladder infections in women.

Directions: Women who are prone to bladder infections are told to dab yogurt on the vagina and to also apply yogurt to the vagina directly after sexual contact. This stops the itching and the continuous feeling one has to urinate. Yogurt can also be added to douche water. Check to see if the yogurt you are using is an acidophilus culture. Capsules of acidophilus are available in health food stores.

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A ninety-year-Old Finn who has spent all of her adult life healing people with Swedish massage loves to tell about old Finnish, Swedish, and Russian remedies that she’s used on her clients. She is a fountain of knowledge on cystitis.

Directions: Her first recommendation is to slowly sip water throughout the day, but the total amount must be no less than three quarts. You can add lemon juice, cranberry juice, orange juice, or apple cider vinegar to the water. She has seen some stubborn cases cured by adding eight to ten teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to the daily water intake. Here are the rest of” her commonsense dictums: don’t eat for three hours before bedtime; wear cotton underclothes; change napkins or tampons often; take showers, not baths; be careful that you wipe from front to back when you go to the bathroom. Be sure your bladder is empty before and after intercourse.