Cord Blood: 9 Important Things You Need To Know

In the past, umbilical cord blood was discarded as waste material after child labor.

Now, cord blood is known to be a rich and valuable source of stem cells and many researches are done to uncover the full potential of cell stems treatment.

What is cord blood and stem cells? How will it impact you or your family? Read on to find out.

cord blood 2

1. What is cord blood?

After a mother gives birth to her baby, cord blood is left in the umbilical cord and placenta. Cord blood is found to be rich in stem cells, which are also known as “haematopoietic” stem cells.


2. Why is cord blood important?

Stem cells can produce every type of cell in the blood i.e. red cells, white cells and platelets. They are the source of tissue renewal, repair and growth.


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