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Solutions To Overcome Poor Sexual Performance

Erectile dysfunction. Decreased sex drive. Urinary problems. These are some of the top conditions that middle age men suffer from and often silently. Although these problems may be due to reasons such as financial or relationship stresses, andropause — a ...

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8 Natural Ways To Sleep Like A Baby

Cultivating good sleeping habits can go a long way towards helping you have restful sleep. Today we bring you 8 sharp and effective sleeping tips to defeat insomnia naturally. 1. Adopt a regular sleep schedule Make it a point to ...

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Young Woman Jogging

5 Health Risks With Over-Running!

Do you know any marathon junkie? Well, I do. A long term friend of mine, George Krom, participates in any marathon he comes across. George extols the benefits of running to the skies and in many ways, rightfully so, as ...

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7 Heart Rate Myths Debunked

Your heart rate, or the number of times your heart beats in a minute, is an important indicator of your heart health. However, most people know very little about their heart rate, or what its variations indicate about their general ...

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