Campbell’s Had The Perfect Response To This Homophobe’s Hateful Comment

A couple months ago, Campbell’ s released a line of Star Wars inspired soups. They advertised the limited edition cans in their #RealRealLife commercial, which if you haven’t seen it, has two dads feeding their little son soup.


I know what you’re thinking- TWO DADS? That’s crazy! Does Campbell’s know they accidentally cast an extra man in place of a woman?

Yes, dear reader, for that is the entire purpose of Campbell’s #RealRealLife campaign- it is a move that aligns itself with the company’s purpose; it is “real food for real people.” Because, factually speaking, even two-dad families are still real people.



Pretty cool, considering very few brands make ads featuring less traditional family structures.

Jess Hicks didn’t think so, though.
Jess Hicks is having no more of this “inclusivity” bullshit.
Jess Hicks is a troll.

So Campbell’s (though it sounds to me like Mike Melgaard, of Target/Doritos troll fame) trolled her troll self right back.


Never tell a homophobe the odds.