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Top 10 Foods Highest In Calcium

Calcium is necessary for the growth and maintenance of strong teeth and bones, nerve signaling, muscle contraction, and secretion of certain hormones and enzymes. A deficiency in calcium can lead to numbness in fingers and toes, muscle cramps, convulsions, lethargy, ...

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Daily Value

What Is Daily Value (DV)?

Recommended intakes of nutrients vary by age and gender and are known as Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and Adequate Intakes (AIs). However, one value for each nutrient, known as the Daily Value (DV), is selected for the labels of dietary ...

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Woman's portrait  20,60 years old.

Avoid These 8 Habits That Make You Age Faster

We’re all probably aware that things like smoking and obesity shorten our lifespan, but we may not be aware of the many other seemingly harmless habits that are secretly aging us every day. Here are eight to watch out for: ...

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Detox 2

Top 10 Foods That Detox Your Body

Feeling a bit sluggish? Or just not looking your best? It could be that your body is in need of a detox. Fortunately, there are many foods around that can help counteract the effects of a toxic lifestyle. Whether you ...

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Mango 3

10 Healthy Reasons To Eat Mangoes Everyday

Mangoes have been a popular fruit in our diet a lot longer than most people realize. There are many different kinds of mangoes that range in color, shape, flavor and seed size. Skin color of mangoes can vary from green ...

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