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Natural Tips To Help Overcome Anxiety

Today is worth two tomorrows is an axiom of the ancient world where life was short and it was necessary to deal with the problems quickly. Our forebears had many strategies for dealing with anxiety. Thus, we bring you some ...

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Ancient Home Remedies Used To Relieve Arthritis

Anthropologists have discovered that even the most primitive people suffered from some sort of joint inflammation or wear and tear. In the past, old herbals, family receipt books, and local healers all concerned themselves with potions and remedies for a disease they called “rheumatism ...

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100% Natural Remedies To Prevent Acne

The bumpy horror show hit girls around age thirteen and boys around sixteen. Just at the moment when they get self conscious and want to look their best, the body releases its natural secretions triggered by obsolescence hormones. The face, ...

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Home Remedies To Relieve Hay Fever

For many of us, spring usually means pollen and pollen spells misery. It causes allergic rhinitis that affects the mucous membranes of the nose, throat and eyes. Symptoms include itchy or watery eyes, runny nose. and sneezing. The name “hay ...

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