9-Year-Old Shuts Down Ridiculous Math Problem With This Sassy Response

Jenn Douglas recently shared her daughter’s hilarious answer to a rather questionable fourth-grade math problem.






Yes, they’re asking a 9-year-old to untangle the love life of eight high school students. Maddy’s response says it all:
I can’t answer this problem because my mom says [according] to girl code you shouldn’t date a friends x boyfriend.

Douglas said that she was so dumbfounded by the question, which she didn’t think was appropriate, she told Maddy to skip it.

But Maddy decided to add the note for her teacher, which got a few laughs in the staff room.

How did Maddy become such an expert in the “girl code”?

Douglas says that she taught her daughter the “code” after she and her best friend fell out over a boy.

Preach it, Maddy.