7 Foods You Should Never Eat In This Lifetime. #1 Is Totally Unexpected!

5. Microwaveable popcorn

Have you ever wondered why your burger food wrapper never leaks the grease or sauces from your burger? It is because the compound, perfluoroalkyls is used to line the wrapper to prevent grease/sauces from leaking out.

The same compound, perfluoroalkyls is also used in your microwave popcorn bags and this is where the nightmare begins. When the bag gets heated up in a microwave, Perfluoroalkyls leaches onto the popcorn.

It is logical at this point to ask – what is perfluoroalkyls? Perfluoroalkyls are stable, synthetic chemicals. Perfluoroalkyls are unique because they repel oil, grease, and water. The two perfluoroalkyls made in the largest amounts in the U.S. are perflurooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS).

These chemicals are commonly referred to as “gender-bending” chemicals, because they can disrupt your endocrine system and affect your sex hormones. Research has linked these chemicals to infertility, thyroid disease, cancer and immune system problems.



6. Soda

Can you picture yourself drinking liquid sugar? Seriously, drinking soda is like drinking liquid sugar and the advent of soda has been closely linked to obesity, increased risk of certain cancers, heart problems and more.

In fact, companies like Coca Cola have been upfront about the negative health effects of its products. Coca Cola actually made the below video which talks openly about the health risks of its drinks but later took down the video. The video was later uploaded by other users.

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