6 Health Benefits of Avocado. #5 Is Most Impressive!

3. Cancer fighting food

The following properties in avocados reduce the risk of cancer:

• Vitamin E – An anti-oxidant that reduces the incidence of breast cancer.

• Glutathione –Glutathione neutralizes free radicals and thus reduces cell damage.

• Oleic acid – Prevents the mutation of cells, thus reducing the risk of cancer.

• Phytochemicals – Inhibits the growth of cancerous and precancerous cells in the mouth and thus protects against oral cancer.

• Dietary plant fat – Protects against the risk of pancreatic cancer.

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4. Keeps you smart with a healthy brain

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life considers avocados as one of the top brain-healthy foods that can help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. The folate in avocado contributes to preventing the formation of brain tangles that are considered a factor for Alzheimer’s.

Avocados combine brain healthy omega-3 fatty acids with natural vitamin E, which helps to keep your brain healthy. They improve blood supply to the pre-frontal cortex, the front part of the brain responsible for critical thinking, behavior, decision making, and planning.

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