5 Contraception Myths Busted

1. If I used contraception when I was younger, it will be difficult for me to get pregnant when I want to start a family.

Some methods of contraception take longer to reverse after they have been stopped but all methods are reversible. This myth probably arose because some couples might have pre-existing fertility issues which prevented them from getting pregnant even after they had stopped using contraception.



2. If I get pregnant while using contraception, my baby will be abnormal and I will need to have an abortion.

cute baby

Drugs which can harm unborn babies are not used as contraceptives. Of course, once pregnancy is diagnosed, women should stop the contraceptive and be counselled on whether they wish to proceed with the pregnancy. In the case of pregnancy with an intrauterine contraceptive device in the uterus, removal of the device reduces the risk of miscarriage and often allows the pregnancy to progress.


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